The world’s highest performers – in sports and in business – have coaches. Why? To help them see what they can’t see and help them do what they can’t do (on their own).

Are you ready to make consistent breakthroughs? Get unstuck? Improve your mentality? If you’re committed to evolving into the best version of yourself… I’d be honored to coach you.

Every session will be customized to your specific needs and aimed to optimize your individual performance by:

  1. Aligning your mindset and habits with your vision
  2. Closing your most pressing Performance Gaps
  3. Holding you accountable to high standards of excellence

Every session will be practical, actionable and focused on implementation. Knowing is not enough. It’s my job to get you to act. Get you to execute. Get you to change your behavior. After all, if nothing changes… nothing changes.

Each coaching session will be conducted via Zoom (60-minutes) and will be appropriately supplemented, supported, and reinforced via email and text messages.

I will take detailed notes (confidential of course) during every coaching session and will send a formal summary of our discussion, an evaluation of your progress, and an outline of the Action Plan you will take.


“Alan has been instrumental in my ability to stay focused as a leader and in helping me cultivate an inclusive, high performance environment. He has provided guidance on simplifying our strategy into executable actions. Alan holds me highly accountable on the basics that are the building blocks of our company’s growth.”

Jeff Schlossnagle
SVP & Chief Growth Officer, Omnicell

Framework for the Initial 3 Coaching Sessions:

Session #1:

Get Crystal Clear On Your Focus

  • Discuss the results of your Personal Audit Questionnaire
  • Where are you now? Where do you want to be? 
  • Identify your most pressing Performance Gaps

Session #2:

Create a Strategy for Improvement

  • Clarify what is working well and what isn’t
  • Establish actionable micro-steps (process)

Session #3:

Develop a System for Execution

  • Identify ‘what success looks like’ (what we will measure/monitor)
  • Clearly establish standards and expectations

I keep it very clean, very clear, and very basic. I find simplicity to be highly effective!

We won’t need a contract and you don’t need to make a long term commitment. Only the initial 3 sessions are required, after that you are free to pay as you go.

I’ve found this model will allow you ultimate flexibility, keep you in the driver’s seat, and make sure I earn the right to coach you each and every session. After all, my only measure of success is your success.


I only accept a limited number of coaching clients. If you believe you deserve one of these exclusive spots, and want to explore if my coaching program is the right fit, please fill out this Coaching Application:

“As an executive, I love Alan’s unique approach to coaching. He never tries to change me, but rather, he helps me become a better version of who I already am. By creating better habits, leveling up my mindset and making my own self-care the priority I have been able to improve my performance in nearly every aspect of my life and business. Alan keeps things simple, and holds me accountable to very high standards. He challenges me to see things that I am unable to see on my own. Most of all, Alan cares. He cares about me and he cares about my improvement and progress. If you are an executive looking to improve your own performance, I highly recommend hiring Alan.”

David Wright
President, Forest River, Inc.