Season 7, Episode 10: Graham Betchart

In today’s episode, I Play Present with my good friend and colleague Graham Betchart. Graham has had a profound impact on my life… as he taught me the concept of Playing Present when we first met 15 years ago. The San Francisco Examiner describes him as equal parts philosopher, psychologist, and new-age jock. Graham is one of the world’s leading mental performance coaches and has worked closely with NBA stars like Aaron Gordon, Ben Simmons, Karl Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins as well as professional organizations such as True Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, and the Utah Jazz. He is the author of Play Present: A Mental Skills Training Program for Basketball Players and created the app Lucid (which you can easily find in the app store). Both are must have resources for any serious player or coach. For more on Graham, check out I sure hope you enjoy my conversation with Graham Betchart…



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